About Us

About Us 

We have been importing to the U.S from our headquarters in Chiba, Japan since 1999. We are the largest Japanese importer in the U.S. With more locations than any other importer in the U.S.

The import process consists of locating and hand-picking low mileage (45-60k mile) engines, right hand drive half cut, JDM front end conversions, RHD vehicle and other rare JDM parts were they then go through an extended of quality control testing to ensure everything runs and works correctly before being imported. Our facility in Japan then loads large shipping containers and off it goes, directly to our facility. Once the container has made it to the respected destination port, it is then transported from the port to our facility where we then off load the new shipments to be cataloged, organized, and take pictures for our customers. 

Most photos on our website are “SAMPLE PHOTOS” of each individual product. Our customers are able to purchase items straight from the website or call to complete your order where we can offer you the best possible customer service. If you are local to the area, we also definitely welcome walk-in customers as well. We highly recommend you spend time on our website looking at our large inventory to better familiarize yourself of what you’re future project holds. Our Japanese engines and transmissions offer better value for your money compared to low quality, non-tested and high mileage Junk-yard engines sold in the U.S.

You can always call in and have a char with Miko to better understand some things if you’re questioning some install concerns.