JDM OF FLORIDA  warrants that every used engine sold by JDM FLORIDA will be in a running and serviceable condition, having regard to the nature of used engines, for the duration of time after the date of sale according to the following applications:

  1. Used Replacement Engines - 90 Days (Unless otherwise specified on the sales receipt).
  2. Used Performance Engines - 30 Days (Unless otherwise specified on the sales receipt).
  3. Rotary Engines (Mazda RX-7 13BT/13BTT/20B ) - No Warranty Used Performance
  4. Transmissions – 30 Day Warranty Used Replacement Transmissions - 90 Days (Unless otherwise specified on the sales receipt).
  5. ECU’s & other electronic units - NO WARRANTY


  • All internal engine parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston wrist pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings, timing chain and timing gears, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, seals, guides, oil pump, push rods, rocker arms and shafts. The engine block, cylinder walls and cylinder head are also warranted to be free of deep cracks or distortions that would otherwise render the engine incapable of operating under original manufacturer's intended use of the product. The same applies to all internal accessories listed above.
  • JDM FLORIDA reserves the right to perform maintenance procedures including servicing and repairing their products prior to listing an item for public sale. This includes, but is not limited to, using parts that are rebuilt, serviceable used parts or even exchange the engine under the company's own discretion and determination if deemed necessary or otherwise detrimental to the original motor in its unmodified state.



  • All external parts attached to the engines, e.g., intake and exhaust manifolds, carburetors, distributor, starter, emission control devices, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, water pump, thermostat, belts, hoses, oil pan, valve cover, sensors, electronic parts(distributor, wires, Computers, injectors, etc.), drive shafts, engine mounts, half shaft, turbo(s), etc.
  • JDM FLORIDA  reserves the right to refuse any claim regarding used motors that seize, lose critical amounts of compression, or suffer any other catastrophic failure during the warranty period due to negligence of the customer, or the customer’s mechanic. Used engines should always be monitored closely within the first 100 to 200 00 miles after install to ensure that all components are functioning properly.
  • If the engine was installed by a certified mechanic, it is the mechanic’s responsibility to ensure that the engine is in good condition before releasing the vehicle to the customer. Professional installation is always recommended. For all warranty claims on our engines or transmissions, we require a valid Mechanic’s report and diagnosis, although this cannot override our warranty terms and discretion. We encourage the mechanic to contact us with any questions during the install if he/she is unfamiliar with installing JDM replacement motors. Failure to install an engine through a certified mechanic or registered professional medium may result in voiding the warranty at the discretion of JDM FLORIDA.



  • The end user may claim for any part that was included in the original item description or list of included parts, provided it complies with all sections under our warranty and claims terms. Please note that this is only applicable to parts that are specifically mentioned to be covered under the warranty. All items that are not listed, mentioned or indicated in any form of written communication or contract are excluded and not covered under the warranty.
  • Pictures and documents (invoice and mechanic report) will be required to support claims. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to inspect the package upon receipt prior to signing the proof of delivery on all freight class items. The buyer has the right to refuse delivery if damage is noted or have the dispatch driver note the damages on the proof of delivery with a reference number so that a valid claim can be filed.
  • Please note that if a claim on an engine has been approved and is initially; the customer must send back the original item to JDM FLORIDA  where it will undergo  inspection. This will also be put in comparison to previous results and maintenance reports along with history of the engine if applicable. All claims will be pending this final inspection by J-Spec Auto Sports. If the inspection has passed in favor of the initial purchaser of the product; JDM FLORIDA will approve either a refund of the purchase amount or send a replacement item at our discretion. JDM FLORIDA  reserves the right to outsource the inspection or bring in a secondary certified professional party to inspect the motor in full, It is important to note that shipping costs are not covered under the warranty and will not be reimbursed. Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser . If a claim is approved in the form of a refund; the buyer will only be approved (unless otherwise mentioned or concluded based on inspection) to be credited the item purchase amount exclusive of shipping costs or other amounts not part of the individual item cost.


  • The cost of labor required to remove and install a repaired or exchanged engine to the vehicle.
  • The cost of parts used to service the used engine before installation
  • Loss caused by the engine or transmission being improperly installed. Any mechanic or hobbyist should be able to consult our mandatory engine installation guide before installing the motor into the vehicle.
  • Towing charges and/or freight or delivery charges.
  • Loss caused by overheating. The warranty does not cover oil leaks, blown head gasket or any other engine damage due to overheating caused by poor water circulation, clogged radiator, stuck thermostat or a faulty water pump, etc. It is the responsibility of you or your mechanic to ensure that the cooling system is in good mechanical condition before releasing the vehicle.
  • Decrease in performance of any covered part due to normal wear and tear (unless actual breakdown occurs), having regard to inherent manufacturing faults in some engine models.
  • Loss caused by any modification or use of the engine for which it was not originally designed.
  • The engine if it is used for competitive driving, rally, or racing.
  • Loss caused by the failure of a part or parts of the engine that are not covered by this limited warranty.
  • Tune-ups and adjustments, filters, hoses, belts, lubricants, coolants, emission control devices, spark plugs, tune-up parts, timing components, etc.
  • Deterioration or pre-ignition damage
  • Loss caused by defective timing belt / chain, idlers, tensioners or pulleys.  A brand-new timing belt kit with water pump must be installed before the engine is started.
  • Loss caused by modification or forced induction (NOS, Turbo, Supercharged) for which the engine was not designed.
  • Failure due to accident or collision.
  • Part is installed in a vehicle other than the manufacturer's specification or intended vehicle.
  • Failure due to fire, theft, vandalism, acts of terror, explosion, lightning, earthquake, hurricane, water damage, freezing or any other environmental conditions.
  • Vehicle was operated for a prolonged period of time after the parts failure.
  • Blown or failed turbochargers. It is buyer responsibility to inspect the turbo  prior to installation and run proper maintenance procedures upon installation and inspection.
  • Claiming for shipping costs (complete or partial) as well as any delay, fees or inconvenience caused as the result of the shipping carrier.


Repairs or exchanges will not extend this limited warranty beyond the described term on this form STATED IN THE INVOICE.


  • This limited warranty is in lieu of any and all other expressed warranties of JDM FLORIDA .  Any warranty implied is limited to the duration of this limited warranty. JDM FLORIDA  does not assume or authorize any person to assume on its behalf any other obligation of liability.
  • JDM FLORIDA  will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages arising from loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, or commercial loss, or any other consequential damage or loss.


  • All warranty claims must be initiated via email with precise explanation of an issue. Additional documentation may be required.
  • The customer is responsible for all the freight charges on the return of defective engines and no replacement engine will be sent until our staff has inspected and verified the returned defective engine in question. If the engine is defective, JDM FLORIDA  will ship out a replacement engine. If the engine is not defective the customer will pay all shipping charges to ship the engine back to the customer.
  • The engine MUST be returned in the same condition it was sent, all missing parts will be charged to the customer.
  • In the event that the wrong and/or defective engine is not returned to JDM FLORIDA  within 30 days after a replacement engine is sent to our customer, the customer will be charged the full amount of the engine, plus all freight charges.

Engines complete with accessories may not comply with the emission control laws of the state in which it is being sold or used. State and/or federal authorities require that you change over the emission devices from your old engine to the engine you are installing to make it comply. The add-on parts on the engine sold by JDM FLORIDA are left attached for testing purposes only, for your convenience and are free of charge. The purchase price represents the cost of the long block only (i.e. cylinder head and short block only).

We source our motors directly from Japan and sell to consumers for the intent to install in a road-ready consumer vehicle; it is the buyer's responsibility that proper maintenance procedures and operations are performed on the engine (while remaining compliant to the warranty) to ensure that this can be done in a safe and reliable manner that conforms to all local regulations.


The return must be legit and must comply with the terms of our warranty. The buyer must accept and respect the following terms:

  • Has to be requested within 30 days from the date of purchase
  • Shipping charges are not refundable. Charges related to the return of the item must be prepaid by the customer as well as any customs fees and related charges.
  • In the unlikely event that the item needs to be returned, it must be in the same condition it was sold and fully assembled. Please keep all of the unwanted parts/ components that you have taken off of the item for the period of the warranty. We must receive all of the parts that were included in the sale for the warranty to be valid. (THE RETURNED ITEM MUST MATCH THE ORIGINAL PICTURES)
  • Buyer must contact us via email to create their return file.
  • All returned products/ items that we receive, must be inspected and tested for the warranty or return to be valid. The test and inspection is to determine that no damages have occurred to the products or items during the client's possession.
  • When we sign for the returned item (Proof of Delivery) at our warehouse, the act of signing does not apply that your claim has been accepted.
  • If during inspection we discover that the item was damaged or destroyed while under the client's possession, we will not issue any refund or form of compensation.
  • Upon completion of the test of returned item AND IF YOUR CLAIM IS DETERMINED TO BE VALID, we will notify you for replacement or refund.
  • If the case is determined NOT to be valid, there will be no replacement sent or refund issued.




  • Replace engine oil to manufacturer's suggested levels.
  • Replace oil filter.
  • Replace gaskets (valve cover, oil pan & rear main seal)
  • Inspect and replace (if needed) new timing belt/chain
  • Replace thermostat and water pump
  • Flush cooling system and refill with antifreeze to appropriate level.
  • Install new spark plugs, new belts and hoses
  • Change the oil after the first 600 miles and at recommended service intervals thereafter
  • Service the vehicle at proper intervals as per manufacturer's guidelines


  • Check the flexplate for cracks or excessive wear on the starter teeth.
  • Replace oil pan gasket, front and axle seals and replace filter (if applicable).
  • Flush & inspect transmission cooling lines. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Properly align torque converter (Automatic Transmission Only)
  • Finish installation of the transmission. When finished, add transmission fluid to the manufacturer's specifications. Start the engine and add more TF immediately. Additional fluid can now be added until the transmission reads FULL on the dipstick.
  • Reset control module codes.
  • Adjust Neutral safety switch ( range switch ) according to specifications.

Sales Policy

  • All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges on parts
  • No Deposit refunds.
  • Orders can be cancelled if they have not been shipped.
  • All refused/returned orders will be charged 25% of the invoice unit amount for restocking fees plus all freight charges to return the item to our warehouse.

Condition of Used Engines

These are used engines which have been in use for 20,000-70,000 miles (depending on the year of manufacture) and are not brand new. There may be small scratches on the engine because it is used. There may also be fragile plastic, metal or rubber parts that could possibly bend or break during shipping. These parts can be replaced with parts from your original engine or bought from a local used auto parts store. Please inspect all these parts before installation.

** Buyer must determine the fitment